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We specialize in creating streaming video content that draw viewers to
your website
and social media networks and keep them coming back for

We're ready to help you with any or all of the following
And here's a list of some of our gear that gives complete digital mobility
to quickly shoot, edit and uplaod the highest quality video anywhere in
the world.
  • Producing
  • Writing
  • Shooting
  • Still Photography
  • Editing
  • Voiceover
  • Compressing
  • Streaming
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312 Media
Emmy and Webby
Nominee for Best
Online Video
2008 Emmy Nominee  -  2010 Webby Nominee  - 2010 Emmy Nominee - 2011 Webby Nominee
  • Sony FS-700 HD Camera and lenses
  • Panasonic AF-100 HD Camera and lenses
  • Canon XH-A1 HD Camera
  • Canon 60D DSLR HD Camera and lenses
  • Nkon D600 DSLR HD Camera and lenses
  • Nikon AW100 Waterproof HD Camera
  • Mac Laptops with Final Cut Pro and Adobe
    Creative Suite CS6