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Sports Entities offer more fresh online content

Excerpt from article in Sports Business Journal

Web sites like YouTube or Facebook increasingly dominate consumer
mindshare, but sports networks, leagues, conferences, teams and even
players continue to snag eyeballs with Web-only professional level
productions complete with multi-camera shoots, compelling on-air
personalities and even graphics and effects.

The low-cost of entry is having a two-pronged effect on the industry:  
allowing young, upstart companies to get into the business while giving
established networks and leagues a cost-effective way to distribute
additional content without building multi-million dollar facilities.

312 Media, a Chicago-based production company, by taking advantage
of the new economic paradigm of TV production and Web distribution
exemplifies the shift.  Founded by 'two friends trapped in the confines of
traditional broadcast news,' 312 Media already has one big project
under its belt:  a streaming video for the Chicago White Sox.  It's a hit,
having snagged a Sports Emmy nomination, putting 312 Media in the
same category as and NFL Network.

The story behind the nomination is indicative if the Internet's ability to
reward self-starters.  Prior to the 2007 season, 312 Media approached the
White Sox about a streaming video series that would give fans more
insight into the team and spring training.  The White Sox said yes and,
after four days in Tucson with two Canon HD cameras for interviews and
an Apple Final Cut Pro editing system, 312 Media had a winner.
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